Hi, I’m Ericka!

Hi, I’m Ericka!

Blogger. Entrepreneur. Unicorn.

Hey there! Welcome to Your Baking Bestie! Let’s get right down to it…do you stalk beautiful pictures of iced sugar cookies or other amazingly decorated baked goodies in awe thinking “I could never do that.” or “How do they do that?!” I hear you! With the flood of beautiful social media pictures and no guide on how to start, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and talk yourself out of a hobby or business before even trying! As your new bestie, I’m here to help and you will see that you CAN make beautiful baked treats! I will break it all down for you, sharing all the best products, tips and techniques to help you be successful!

What brings you here?

Maybe you’re looking for a creative (and yummy) outlet to manage stress, have a fun hobby and bake for friends and family? Or maybe you’re embracing this new world we live in and you’d like to start a baking business from your very own kitchen? Or maybe you’re already baking beautiful treats and want to be a part of this fun community to up your game, learn new skills, share tips and even get featured here?! Regardless of what camp you fall into, you’ve come to the right place and I’m excited to have you here for all the fun!

What can you look forward to?

In 2020, I helped my then 13-year-old daughter launch her successful cottage-registered baking business, Charlotte’s Sugar Shop, which has been such a fun adventure and special bond for us! If you’re interested in learning how to start your own cottage registered business, I’ll be sharing all kinds of helpful information to help ensure you’re in compliance with regulations, tips on marketing for success and a plethora of other juicy nuggets to support your dream!

We’ll also be doing product match-ups to settle which products are the best, share sale notifications and provide a one-stop-shop to get all the tools you need.

Did we just become best friends?

I’m excited to learn with and from you and most of all, celebrate and feature your successes! As your new bestie, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader as well as someone you can whine too when you have a baking FAIL (they WILL happen)! I’ll help you brush the flour off and try again for success!

I hope you’re excited to be here and be a part of a vibrant, like-minded community. Come on bestie, let’s bake something beautiful together!

Let’s Work Together!

I’d love to hear from you!

This site is more about YOU than it is about me, so I welcome your feedback, ideas, questions and support!